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  1. Fiesta Mk4 Boot Release

    My daughter has a 2001 Fiesta Freestyle, this has a boot release option, aswell as Electric windows, power steering and central locking, as standard with this model. I think this is the face-lift mk5 though.
  2. 1.4Tdci Fuel Tank

    I am interested in the possibility of changing my original fuel tank for a slightly larger one and would like to enquire whether (1) Has anyone ever done this upgrade and (2) Which tank did they use. A petrol Fiesta has an extra 2 litres (45 litres). Have no idea about the Focus or other similar models I do alot of miles and fill my tank up to the brim every 2 days, when I return home on the 2nd day, I am on the Red line, with the Fuel warning light burning brightly in the instrument cluster. I am averaging about 390-420 miles before I fill up, but I dont like driving on the dregs of the tank and would like a bit more of a comfort zone. Bearing in mind the fuel tank area is pretty much the same vehicle to vehicle,I'm hoping the changing of the tanks will be fairly straight forward. Any opinions? Oilburner8) My Van is a 57 Plate 1.4 Tdci
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Oilburner1978 :)