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  1. Think I tried that at the time but didn't make any difference. Ended up just buying normal bulbs instead.
  2. I took it out and it has a lot or bronze metal lines behind it with the 3 bulb holders as well. I seem to remember reading that the Zetec S has a power wire sitting behind the plate but I removed the whole plastic surround and couldn't find anything there. I don't really fancy having to do complicated wiring so would this mean its not gonna work?
  3. Thinking about changing the 2 X W5W bulbs and 2 X W6W (front and middle) Bulb in the courtesy lights. Was thinking about keeping the reading lights white and changing the courtesy lights to red. Im thinking about LED but had issues when I tried to change the foot well bulbs as the LED bulbs I bought didn't work. Is there any particular type of bulb I need to get or will the cheapest Ebay bulbs do the job? ThanksInsert other media
  4. Any ideas?
  5. Can anyone tell me if this will fit my Fiesta Zetec S Red Edition?
  6. Ok thanks for your help
  7. Wonder if anyone can answer this for me?. I have the current Fiesta Red Edition. I am looking to buy an ambient light strip for above the glovebox. Someone was selling one on Ebay but they also had another part which he said goes in the tip of the ducket in front of the gear stick. Does my car have this? There is a small ducket in front of he gear stick but I'm not sure if it can have an ambient lighting part fitted. In the photo attached it is the smaller item at the top of the image above the main glovebox bar. Thanks
  8. I did this a few years ago. You have to be over the half way point. One day before it and you'll have a full settlement figure to pay. You said your nearly at the half way point then you'd need to wait till then to be able to hand it back. They put a (VT) next on your credit file. This shouldn't, and possible won't affect your credit rating though if you went for a new car anytime soon it could affect the decision.
  9. Unfortunately not. Looked on Ebay etc and only seen one that is £107 which is nearly double what it would cost new. When I got it the end was already broken but long enough to just fit, now that its broken more its too short to fit through unfortunately.
  10. well a few weeks ago I one of my headlight bulbs blew and so replaced them both. have a screwdriver set in a plastic box. I actually left the box sitting on top of the engine then closed the bonnet . Can't believe I was driving around for a few weeks with a tool kit jammed between the top of the engine and the bonnet. Dread to think what could have happened.
  11. there is a small LED attachment that the end of the plastic strip plugs into. this lights up and transfers the light along the whole strip. Unfortunately the end bit that broke off was stuck in the LED attachment and broke into a hundred pieces trying to get it out. I did find the source of the rattle but I am way to embarrassed to tell on here
  12. it won't do any harm to your engine.
  13. Yes your car will take it ok. What will it do? Probably not that much. The claims are it will give you a few more MPG and perhaps slightly better performance. It might also, over prolonged use, help clean your engine. Its all very difficult to substantiate and personally I just use the normal stuff and have never had any issues. Perhaps someone who has used it would be able to tell you if it really does make a difference for your 7p or 8p per litre extra.
  14. I have the Non LED DRL lights on my Precious Zetec S and bought a set of Cheap LED side light bulbs on EBay, had to get ones that are Canbus so it doesn't trigger the car to think there are no bulbs in place. A few pounds and never had any problems with them at all. The problem with the DRL's is they are the same bulb as the Full beam. Not sure now but at the time there was NO bulbs that you could upgrade to to give you either better DRL or Full beam performance.
  15. So I was investigating a rattle and managed to break the end off the Glovebox Ambient Light strip, where the strip connects to the LED adapter behind the Glovebox (photo attached.). Can anyone suggest a way that I could fix this rather than spending lots of money buying a new one? Thanks