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  1. I've suffered this since I got my car and finally they took off the A pillar covers as they thought it might be wires behind this rattling against the covers, I found that the noise went away if I pressed against them, I am now rattle free.
  2. I am looking to use it for Android Auto and Google Maps
  3. I'm looking for a holder for my Galaxy S7. I want one that will allow me to have it within easy reach so I don't have to reach for it, like if it was on the windscreen. There doesn't seem to be many places on the Fiesta Dash that would accommodate a phone holder. Any suggestions? Photos would be a great help as well. Thanks
  4. ok thanks will try that
  5. When I connect my phone to the car using BT the audio levels between the radio/USB and Bluetooth vary hugely. If I am on the radio or USB i can happily listen about 11 or 12 but with BT i need to crank it up to 24 or there about. If I change back to radio I about blow my head off. Is there a way to make the sources closer so there isn't such a huge difference? Thanks
  6. you could try masking it off and using some Black car paint to spray it with
  7. I don't get why they would produce a new version when the current model is on its last legs and about to be replaced
  8. I usually keep the wifi off when I'm not using it
  9. I already do have the latest software for my phone. nope don't have any contacts on the sim card. They were all on Google however I have tried saving them from Google to the phone but still only the same few show.
  10. As much as I'd like to I have the latest software for it. However it all worked ok before so I don't see it as being that.
  11. Anyone got any ideas?
  12. Yeah made sure every time I delete and re add it thats ticked. As I say some of the contacts are there just not most of them,
  13. That's the best thing. I think with me it wasn't an instant love but I find it fine now. The ride quality is way better though, which is probably the one thing I hated about the ST
  14. I changed from the ST3 to the Zetec S Red Edition (140) last year. There is a very noticeable difference in performance obviously however the little 1 ltr is amazing. very nippy and plenty of response. Its fuel economy is also pretty good. I'm currently averaging around 52 MPG. I miss some of the gadgets from the ST3 like keyless entry, cruise control, etc oh and not to mention the Recaro seats. Its a different car but for the difference in money still a very very strong performer.
  15. So I have a Samsung Galaxy Alpha running Android 5.01. Never had any issues using it until recently. For some reason it won't display all my contacts from the phone. The majority will not come over to sync. Nothing on the phone has changed either. I have tried deleting the phone from SYNC then re pairing it, synced the contacts on Google but still the same. Checked some of the numbers that do work and they are on google, as are the ones that don't. Really at a loss so hoping someone can help.