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  1. Fiesta LED DRLs

    My Red Edition has them as well.  I got it in December.
  2. Zetec S badge

    Don't think you can get a badge that says ZS its normally a badge that has the S symbol.  Pretty cheap off ebay just stick on.
  3. Finally pics of my new Red Edition

    Looks nice :)  I'm really happy with the performance of the 140PS loads of power.
  4. Well its only take a month and a half but finally here are some photos of my Red Edition.  Debadged and S badges appliedm
  5. What could this be?

    claim against the local council.  Its their responsibility to make are the roads are in decent condition.  They will automatically reject your claim but don't accept that and go back and they will prob return what it costs to fix it.
  6. Door/cup mat set,yes or no?

    I bought a square of black dash mat from Tesco for £1 and cut the pieces I needed to shape.  Then attached them using double sided sticky tape.  Stopped things from rattling against the hard plastic.  Don't glow in the dark though 
  7. Smaller Aerial

    I think at the end of the day, from my own experience anyway, is if you go for a smaller aerial then expect to have worse reception.  
  8. What could this be?

    I find its horrible when you go over a bad hole.  It sounds like your wheel has broken in 2.  The 17" on the red edition don't seem to cushion the holes that well.
  9. Android App

    hopefully they fix it soon as its the main way I look at the forums.
  10. Smaller Aerial

    RDS is what gives you station information.  AF is what auto tunes to the same station in different areas.  If your using DAB though you won't need that.  My experience with the Short aerials is the reception became useless.  Though this was before I had DAB so not sure how that affects things.  I seem to remember being told though that DAB needs a different type of aerial.  Not sure if that is the wiring from the roof back or the actual aerial.  I guess a lot of it depends on where you stay and how strong your reception is.
  11. Android App

    Whats up with the Android app?  Can't seem to get into the forums, just says "loading" all the time
  12. Rattling From Passenger Side! >: (

    My new red edition has several. It also has a creaky gear stick. They silicone spayed the inside and it helped but not totally. The rattles come and go in carious places and annoy the hell out of me.
  13. Gap Insurance

    Check with your insurance company. Mine give you free gap cover for the first year, then you can pick up one online. Dealers use it as a way to make big profit, a bit like travel agents trying to sell you travel insurance with your holiday
  14. New Here

    The usual cheap things like changing the Bulbs, detango the indicator bulbs, rear tints (can't see if they already are) why not change the radiator grille to the honeycomb zetec s one?. If you have a bit of money then you could even push for the Zetec s Dress up kit. Bigger wheals perhaps as well :) Just watch though you may need to advise your insurance company with the latter ones.
  15. Bluetooth - Usb And Android

    Well interesting. I went out this afternoon and plugged my phone into the USB and switched to the USB input and it started indexing. Then I was able to play and access all the albums on my phone. Last time I tried that it didn't see anything. Also charges which is handy. My phone has been reflashed since last time I tried it so perhaps something there, but it definitely didn't do anything before.