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  1. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    I had the Night Breaker Unlimited Plus's, They are really very bright and pretty white. However thats the second set thats just blown. I bought them in June 2016. Are the new Lazer's or the philips Xtreme Vision likely to last any longer or are they both likely to be worse as they are brighter yet?
  2. Time to move on?

    Yea however at the moment I don't have any negative equity which is what's attracting me
  3. Time to move on?

    Well my Current 2 Year Old Fiesta Zertec S Red edition has reached 20000 miles but my PCP allowance is 18000 over 3 years (Change of job, change of milage). My settlement figure is pretty much the same as what I can get in a trade in now so looking at changing cars. Went to test drive the new ST Line but there were none avaliable so test drove a 125 PS Zetec. As much as I enjoyed it the quote for a new StLine was £76 per month more than I am currently paying so looks like the Fiesta is out the window. Currently looking at the new Seat Ibiza FR, £3000 (CarWOW) cheaper than than the Fiesta and many more features that are extra on the Fiesta. Not so sure the Ibiza is as well put together but don't want to have such a large increase in my montly payments. I'll miss the Fiesta, have had 3 of them in a row, but money is money and is a bit tighter of late. Any thoughts?
  4. Tyre pressures

    Thanks, I had it right but my car was in for a service last week and It seemed very harsh on the bumps after I took it back. Took it to my local supermarket and checked them and they were way up. Not sure why they had pumped them up so hard.
  5. New Fiesta - 10 speakers?

    Not entirly sure however I would take it as some of them being Co-Axial speakers, I.E. the tweeter is inside the woofer. Pic shows what I mean.
  6. Tyre pressures

    What's the best tyre pressure on my zetec s red edition for general driving? A mix of town and dual carriageway driving with either just myself or a passenger. No other load.
  7. What is it?

  8. What is it?

    It's a zetec s red edition with standard tyres. It's from the front. It's when I hit a pot hole or really bad bit of road.
  9. What is it?

    When I go over a pot hole or damaged surface and there's a loud harsh bang what is this? Is it the edge of the pot hole compressing the tyre and banging the wheel or is it the suspension? With the roads getting worse every day it seems to happen more and more and I keep worrying I'm damaging the car.
  10. Ford fiesta day time running lights.

    My understanding is that yes they are exactly the same fit however the wiring plug is different which would need to be manually wired in, then it would need re programmed by Ford. As I watson99 said they are not cheap
  11. What are my options?

    Hi Guys, So I have a Red Edition 2015 on PCP with an annual milage allowance of 8,000. When I got this I was going to work by train and had a low milage. However after I got the car I changed jobs now drive to work. I have had the car since Nov 2015 and have now done 19000 miles. I'm obviously looking at putting another 14000?? miles onto that before the end of the agreement next November. I'm worried that this is going to cost me a bomb either with a penalty to the finance company or to a lower trade in value. What options do I have and what would you suggest? Thanks
  12. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    So the new Fiesta is out and about, whos got one and what do you think of it? How does it compare to the last one?
  13. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    I have fitted Osram Nightbreaker Plus into mine for both dipped and full beam. They are amazing. the difference between these and the standard OEM fitted ones is like night and day. They are extremely bright and whiter than standard (though not as white as LED or HID). For the £12 or so for each pack of 2 bulbs I'm very happy, I have thought about LED but starting to read into them it seems a bit of a minefield. I have had people in the car comment on how bright they are and how much of the road they light up. As far as insurance goes I have never mentioned to them about these but, I can't see there being any issues as they are road legal.
  14. ST-Line Badge on Front Grill?

    Yea your right the Zetec S had no I dentifying badging at all. You could by the S badges online to stick to the the rear and a bold on one to go through the bonnet. To my knowlege there is nothing like that for the ST Line. TBH not sure it would look good anyway. The ST has a big ST badge the Zetec S with a Smaller S looked really good but to have ST Line on the front would look wrong IMO. However whatever you do please don't put an ST badge on it that would be so wrong.
  15. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    While not everyone does I'd suspect the majority do. Obviously manufacturers are going to go with the majority not the very few.