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  1. Not sure about the tyres however if you do hand the car back then in order not to have to pay a settlement figure you'd have to have paid at least half of the loan amount. If not then you can't just hand it back and walk away. If you are over the half way mark and you do hand it back then be aware the finance company will likely put a Voluntary Termination notice on your credit file which could affect your ability to get car finance for a while. I handed a car back a few cars ago and this happened to me. Luckily I had arranged the new finance before handing the car back so it wasn't a problem. Have you found out how much you'd get as a trade in against the new car? Would you not be better to go down that route?
  2. Have an issue with Android auto and not sure what the problem is. It only happens when my Phone (galaxy S7 with latest software) is connected by Bluetooth. Basically I can't use spotify in Android Auto. It just keeps shutting down and loading again then shutting down. It's fine if I do the same thing through any other bluetooth source just the car. Also I can play Spotify fine on its own. If I use tunein radio within Android auto its fine. The fact that it plays fine through any other Bluetooth source leads me to think its something to do with the car. Any ideas?
  3. I have used the Osram Nighbreakers for my past few cars and have to say they are amazing. I think I have only had one blow on me and that is on my current car. I was using the nightbreaker unlimited's but the ones that are in atm have been in for quite a while. You can get them on Ebay for under £15 a pair so there not too expensive and make a huge difference over the standard OEM bulbs. They are perhaps not the crisp blue/white light you get with HID's but they are pretty good.
  4. No idea
  5. Oh ok didn't realise that, though have had the car for over a year and didn't notice this till November when I had the service.
  6. Hi just wondering what your thoughts are on this. So I have the Red Edition and use it to drive to work which is all Dual carriage way (average speed of 65MPH) and also day to day driving. I would generally average around 53-55 MPG. I sometimes drive to my friends in Cumbria which is about 150 Miles and do this on mostly A roads at between 50 and 60 MPH. Previously doing this would average around 55-58 MPG. I have also driven up to friends in Inverness which also got an average of closer to 55-58 MPG. I had my first service in November at my local Ford Dealership and since then I have noticed the fuel consumption seems to have dropped. My commute to work has dropped to an average of 47 MPG and my recent run up to Inverness never got over 47 MPG despite driving like a granny and never getting over 60 MPH though closer to 50 a lot of the way. I have just returned from a drive to my friend's in Cumbria and again never managed to get over 47 MPG, again seldom getting over 60 MPH. I am finding myself driving very cautiously to try to get the MPG up to no avail and though 5 or 6 MPG doesn't seem a lot, its nearly the equivalent to a Gallon of Petrol over a tankful. Any thoughts?
  7. I've suffered this since I got my car and finally they took off the A pillar covers as they thought it might be wires behind this rattling against the covers, I found that the noise went away if I pressed against them, I am now rattle free.
  8. I am looking to use it for Android Auto and Google Maps
  9. I'm looking for a holder for my Galaxy S7. I want one that will allow me to have it within easy reach so I don't have to reach for it, like if it was on the windscreen. There doesn't seem to be many places on the Fiesta Dash that would accommodate a phone holder. Any suggestions? Photos would be a great help as well. Thanks
  10. ok thanks will try that
  11. When I connect my phone to the car using BT the audio levels between the radio/USB and Bluetooth vary hugely. If I am on the radio or USB i can happily listen about 11 or 12 but with BT i need to crank it up to 24 or there about. If I change back to radio I about blow my head off. Is there a way to make the sources closer so there isn't such a huge difference? Thanks
  12. you could try masking it off and using some Black car paint to spray it with
  13. I don't get why they would produce a new version when the current model is on its last legs and about to be replaced
  14. I usually keep the wifi off when I'm not using it
  15. I already do have the latest software for my phone. nope don't have any contacts on the sim card. They were all on Google however I have tried saving them from Google to the phone but still only the same few show.