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  1. Yes disconnecting the battery solved half the issue. I then had to reset 2 fault codes before the kuga would start. thanks for the help
  2. no i wasnt using the bluetooth. i have tried all methods available - under the hec tab it says no data(like it does with the ignition off) yes i have back up..... but they cant be written to it due to the no data warning
  3. i update the dash rom(no issues) i added eco and shift light (no issues) on the hec tab i was on tab 3 (the 1 that has the warning about not connecting via bluetooth) when i pressed read it all failed and wont come up.
  4. i never unplugged the instrument cluster??????
  5. I have a mk 2 rs and have updated my dial etc using the elm software with no issues. I updated my dads ford kuga and it was working fine. I went to read the chimes page and now I have no instrument panel at all and it wont start. somebody help!!!!!!!!!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums s90jny :)