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  1. it was in the well/under driver seat vacinity. like I said abit of fiddling n the ol wd40 seems to of done the trick, thx to all for help n suggestions
  2. Hmmm thk found box (module) but it under driver seat. fiidled with it abit and strangely seems to work again if lock front passenger door!!!
  3. I had a 97 Mondeo before the focus n loved that, I'll try the module n let you all know how it goes cheers
  4. Thx look forward to having some 4 wheeled fun on here

  5. Hey all seen similar thread to the one I'm posting but gunna put it out there anyway. My lovely ford focus (1999 estate model) has decided it no longer wants to lock (and living in my area thats not a good thing)=transilation to those who don't share my wit is that my central locking is refusing to work properly and when I try it with fob button it locks then immediatly unlocks (even tried it with key in door and get same happening) after several attempts it only locks the driver door and have to manually lock back doors and front passenger via key, heard bout this fuse 64 thing but not quite certain o it location. I consider myself a competant DIY mechanic so if anyone has any suggestions (other than take it to Ford dealer, I mean I own a focus estate do I sound like I'm made o money!!!) Thanks in advance. and if I'm in the wrong section for this well what can I say I'm a Noob to this site!!!!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums DanDantheFordFocusMan :)