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  1. Mk3 seats in a mk2 facelift

    Didn’t think so it was just someone on fb has said it’s a straight swap with just the rears needing a small modification.
  2. Bonnet Repair

    If you can’t get 1 in the right colour why not carbon wrap it.
  3. Mk3 seats in a mk2 facelift

    Will the seats from a mk3 st fit in my facelift mk2?
  4. No have looked in to it for my car and you’d need an upgraded intercooler.
  5. Am pretty sure the st intercooler is the same size as is already in your car.
  6. Focus Mk2 st seats in a mk2.5 zetec s?

    Will all bolt in fine my recaros come from a 2006 car and bolted in my 2009.
  7. Headlining

    Got mine off eBay always worth having a look on their.
  8. Headlining

    Yeah got it all had a right bit of luck and got it for about £85 delivered and it took me about half a day to do it not really to difficult just have to take your time.
  9. St pipes on mk2 pre facelift 1.6TDCI

    Think piper do a system or a custom made from long life but either way it's not cheep my long life was about £450 and the piper system was about £500 then you've got to fit that as well.
  10. Headlining

    Think the headlining is the same but the plastic trims are different so 3 door won't fit a 5 door. well worth doing as I've done it in mine and looks much better is just harder o find for the 5 door for some reason took me months to find.
  11. VSS problem driving me mad

    Replaced 2 vss on a focus I had a few years ago and turned out to was the wiring to the sensor itself so maybe look at that as well.
  12. Will 3 Door back seats fit in a 5 Door?

    Yes will fit fine my cloth recaros come from a mk2 and mines a mk2.5 just bear in mind the leathers only have 2 rear seats.
  13. Help turning my focus mk2 into a st replica

    Take it your on about parking sensors and when I had to get a replacement rear bumper I thought I'd have the same problem but the replacement bumper will have some round template holes you can just cut out with a hole cutter as I did.
  14. St3 seats

    Do you know what colour wire or connector I'd be looking for by any chance?
  15. St3 seats

    Already have the cloth recaros in my car but fancy upgrading to the leathers from an st3 but I'm not sure about wiring up the electric height adjustment I'm not really too bothered about wiring up the heating side of them but how would I know if my car already has power running to the seat base or go about powering them. ps my car is a titanium model and it come with cloth manual seats in originally.