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  1. Help With Fiesta Mk6 Radio Wiring Harness

    Cheers guys! I was just worried in-case it had a current running through it or if it was an earth or something. Anyways I just isolated it so it shouldn't cause me any trouble. Thanks for all the reply's!
  2. Help With Fiesta Mk6 Radio Wiring Harness

    HI Guys, got a quick question that I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with. I'm replacing the OEM radio in my MK6 fiesta with an after market one and I have bought a wiring loom, but there one stray wire that I'm not sure what it does, if you look at the photo below it makes more sense. Its the pink wire here. On the radio connection it collects to pin14. Hope someone can help me out with this. Thanks, Daniel
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums betterthanjordan79 :)