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  1. Hi, second problem! Im pretty sure the clutch bearing has gone, when the clutch isnt engaged when stationary there is a "whirring" noise, when the clutch is engaged it seems to dissaper. I have noticed a couple of times when pulling away in all gears at low revs there is an unusual noise. Would i be correct in thinking its the thrust bearing? Also what i am not to sure about is that the clutch has slipped whilst in gear a couple of times, noticable third and fourth and usually when coming of a roundabout. Its definitly feeling and sounding like the clutch isnt biting theres no pull. The thing is it doesnt do it all the time, hardly at all. and it seems to pull well in fifth gear from quite low down. could it be related to the first problem? Thanks in advance, would really appreciate help as only had the car for a week.
  2. hi, Im having a little bit of a problem with my girlfriends streetka. All of a sudden the steering wheel has started to make what can only be described as a grinding/scraping noise when it is turned. it happens when moving and stationary. If any one has had a similer problem or can shed some light it would be appreciated Thanks in advance jordan