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  1. i found R83JA stamped on something, is that it?
  2. Hi guys. I've got my sisters focus on my drive minus an engine. can anyone tell me the right engine code i need? its an 07 1.8 zetec tdci duratorq. don't wanna be buying the wrong one. does anyone on here have experience installing one? her engine bay is naked right now and my garage is full of boxes of parts. manual is on order, just looking fo any advice on things like maybe leave rad out till engine in, Does it matter?? fix box and lump together b4 or in stages etc. thanks for any help, looks like i'm gonna be on here a lot! lol
  3. i'm contemplating rebuilding what I have, I know I need a cam shaft, my main problem with this is I have never worked on a diesel engine before, should this be a major cause for concern? I'd need a pretty in depth manual to guide me on this, are there any such publications, I'm not sure a haynes would have all the info or would it? any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
  4. ok, thanks for that neil, spose i'll try and source the 1.8 any ideas what years match the 07?
  5. Hi there everybody. Just picked up an 07 1.8TDCI zetec. its a bit of a ferrari at the mo cos the engine is in the boot, or at least some is, the rest is on the back seat, footwells etc. I have no idea what was the original problem but the cam shaft is missing. I'm thinking it would be easier to just source another lump to drop in her and quicker. My question is what engines are a direct fit (if any) apart from the 1.8 tdci as they seem as rare as rocking horse brains. I dont mind 1.6 or 2.0, just need to know what years etc. what other year 1.8 fits, is it 06 - 2010?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums newnut :)