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  1. Having breakfast with my Baby Julie-ann Chambers

  2. No lesson at Lee Dojo this Friday due to it being Good Friday, training on to though.

  3. London IKK Pre grading this evening at Lee Dojo starts 5.30pm - 8pm.

  4. London IKK pre grading tonight at Plumstead Dojo, starts 6.15pm till 9pm

  5. Ride has new shoes

  6. Feisty Polar getting new shoes today.

  7. Good food, with excellent company

  8. Can't Stop Lovin' You

  9. Struggling tonight

  10. I'm still leaning towards the continentals Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  11. That's cheaper then I've been quoted. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  12. Hi, I have a Fiesta Metal and want to replace the tires i have at the moment. The tires it has a the moment are cheep autogrips which i bought when money was tight, the Bridgestone Potenza it was running on were replaced one after the other because of punctures or wearing out. I've been looking at replacing them with maybe Continental Sport Contact 5, can any please let me know is this a good choice as I do a fair bit of driving in all weather conditions and I'm up and down the motorway every other weekend. Thanks
  13. Back to work tonight, I miss being with my Baby :-(

  14. A very special guest at London IKK Lee Dojo this evening.

  15. Having a full English breakfast