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  1. Faulty Clutch? Slipping.

    Cheers mate thats a relief... Got a big trip due with full load so was unsure what to put in.. Will go for psi as of a195/60 then and dont need to rush out to buy new tyres. (loads of meat on others) Many thanks. :)
  2. Faulty Clutch? Slipping.

    Hi, Clutch changed and working perfectly. Old clutch had just become old and tired. New query If anyone can help or advise please??? On checked the manual for tyre pressures it suggests 195/60 r15 2.2/2.2. On checking the tyres it appears to have a differnece size on the car 195/50 r15... Could nyone tell me if this is legal/safe/acceptable and how could I gauge what psi level to put in the tyre? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Faulty Clutch? Slipping.

    Many thanks for feedback, Gonna get it checked out, I've not settled since its done it (although ok now) I've got a few big runs coming up and don't wanna risk my or other people's safety just ignoring it or forgetting bout it. Was expecting clutch from research I did just kinda hoped could've been something else n cheaper :/
  4. Faulty Clutch? Slipping.

    Just checked top of pedal clear of oil, after looking in engine remembered was the power steering fluid that was topped up (with correct fluid) not the brake fluid after all?
  5. Faulty Clutch? Slipping.

    Many thanks for your detailed response. I have just recently had to top the brake fluid up as was rather low so does very much yonder like the slave. (The bite is pretty much at the top of the pedal) Will check in morning if oil on end of pedal but by sounds of it I'm forking out for a clutch :( It's just odd how since the (incident) all has been fine with the clutch/acceleration however I'm sure it will occur again.
  6. Faulty Clutch? Slipping.

    Hi, Thanks for response. It pulls in 1st with handbrake engaged. Was told to try higher gears with handbrake although car stalled?
  7. Faulty Clutch? Slipping.

    Hi, I have had no issues as late however I was returning home from a very short journey. Whilst accelerating in 2nd the rev counter increased/shot up and I gained no acceleration/speed. I geared up to 3rd and the speed increased but again once I applied acceleration the revs were screaming but getting no acceleration power? If I remove any pressure and reapply the car accelerates? I drove around for a good hour and this continued, 1st and 5th dont seem to have any issues. I left the car for a few hours. I have set off in 2nd and 4th and the car stalled. I have dropped from 3rd to 2nd and the rev counter increases suggesting the clutch is fine? Following these tests I took the car out and have not had any issues to date. I dont have any burning smell or any warning/engine man lights. Fromwhat I have read it suggests the clutch is slipping? Is this the case or could it be something else? Am I on the road to a new clutch :( ? Before I go to the local garage with no fault/issuue at the moment. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help.
  8. Hi all, Ford focus 2002 1.4cl. I have had no issues of late until I was returning home from a local trip. Whilst accelerating in 2nd the rev counter increased however I gained no further speed. (sounded like revving whilst stood still out of gear) I moved up a gear and the speed incresed however when I accelerated it did the same once my foot was going down a little harder. 1st and 5th dont seem to have a issue? I tried setting off in 2nd/4th car stalled. I dropped from 3rd to 2nd and the rev counter increased suggesting the clutch was working? After travelling around for a hour trying to understand whats happening I left the car for a few hours and then the issue went? I can accelerate normally and gear changes seem sweet? No warning lights or engine managements have come on btw. From what I have read it sounds like the clutch is slipping? Is this the case or is it possible it could be something else? Am I on the road to a new clutch :( ? Before I travel to the garage with no apparent fault/issue at the moment? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help.
  9. Hi All, Newbie Focus Owner, Can Anyone Advise?

    Plan on getting a few year out of it. Peugeot left me a nervous wreak and skint :(
  10. Hi All, Newbie Focus Owner, Can Anyone Advise?

    Cheers for reply mate. Feel much better hearing that :) Am used to one problem after another with last car, cough 206! I'm driving without the stereo on and listening to any squeak, engine noise or rattle, paranoid or what Again many thanks.
  11. Hi all, I've just purchased a Focus 1.4 cl 52plate (first Ford) Everything since purchase has been great,car is very nice to drive,tight and seems well looked after and am enjoying it... anyway Just noticed this morning (had car 4 days) when I turned off the engine and removed the key both the fuel gauge and temp gauge jumped up to halfway mark? When I turn the ignition back on the dials/gauge goes back to the correct levels?? When removed after a second back to halfway and don't move until restarting. Is this normal? ( had a peugeot before so had many strange faults/issues ) If anyone could help it would be appreciated :) Many thanks in advance
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Livernonion :)