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  1. Good good m8 as long you've gone with what you want and not what everyone else wants
  2. Spot on dude, Nipz the new jeremy kyle ;)
  3. Yeah i agree the mazda 2 in sport could be more expensive, though the swift i prefer more is slightly more powerful for less.....only thing is with the zetec s in diesel is the petrol version is going to be quicker right? would just prefer the petrol verison instead which is in a high group right?
  4. oh of course i forgot about the missing link in all of this...."father" LOL
  5. im sure the insurance man will love your jump to group 13 when you get the ST!
  6. LOL fair enough, gd luck with the ST and M3 at 21 ;)
  7. sarcasm doesnt win any argument LOL....im not saying i want a super car at the age of 19, just something with a tad more grunt to overtake more easily and drive on the motorway more easily as apprehensive driving is quite annoying...all im saying is i cant understand why the fiesta is in some cases high in insurance group even when its a bit slower, is it because of the expensive interior ford put in? LOL im not saying its a bad car im just saying theres so many more affordable alternatives
  8. im sure it is, though its not as fat as the mk7 fiesta... i can see where your coming from with the swift but how many manufacturers have made there mini wannabe cars LOL...personally the worst "fake" mini has to be the one bmw made....to be honest im not expecting amazing interior from the swift as all you mk7 owners should know you get what you pay for ;)
  9. i see where your coming from, but unfortunately each mark fiesta ends up having the chav image tagged to it because alot of people who own a fiesta are relentlessly are obsessed with "modding" it and trying to distinguish theres from everyone elses...i mean for christ sake leave it as it is or buy a different car in the first place! also the smaller engined mk7 fiesta's seem quite slow, of course you could simply buy one with a bigger engine but the bigger engined fiesta's are higher up in the insurance groups compared to other small cars with more power but lower insurance group ratings
  10. i realise "ford fanatics" will now start throwing things at me LOL
  11. next car will either be suzuki swift or mazda 2
  12. Fiesta Zetec S

    Nah its ok i carry alcohol based hand wash at all times, comes in handy on dates LOL
  13. Doubt i will be, wont be long until im no longer apart of the ford owners club LOL
  14. im not a mk7 hater or anything but to be honest there not good looking cars really, they are quite nice as a 3 door with the right accessories but your right as a five door it does look a bit weird....its just a bit of an iffy car; with the wrong colour and no alloy wheels (i.e. basic spec) it just doesnt look like a looker, the only thing i like about it is the front end and thats it