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  1. Yes it does Dave,but in the hand book it shows a small black cover and the way to remove it is squeezing the sides, where as mine is a much larger cover and it didn't move when I tried to remove it. Thanks anyway.
  2. Thanks Nathan, I did try that but I was afraid of breaking the glass! My son in law had on such fear he done as you suggested and it clipped into it's right place, I think to remove the cover it must be prized off from the back, possibly with a small blade. Kind Regards
  3. My fiesta edge 59 has wing mirrors mounted on the doors as they all have, the cover has not been fitted correctly , Can anyone tell me how to remove and refit the cover, In the hand book it shows a small black one being removed, mine is a larger cover. Kind Regards
  4. Thank you Daniel, It's hard to keep track as they are moved around so easily.
  5. What county are the fiestas manufactured,?
  6. I take onboard your advise and I thank you as I thank all members for the warm welcome, Kind Regards
  7. Thanks for the information, when the salesman is in full flow giving me the details, I can' take it all in, It' only when sit down and read the handbook all the gen sinks in!
  8. Good evening gents, I'm a Newbe, which makes me laugh because I'm 78, I'm taking ow near ship of a Fiesta Edge 1.25 on the 30th. The sales man tells me there is only one key! Is this usual?. Kind Regards
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Eijack :)

    1. Eijack


      Thank you Steve, sorry I've been so long to reply but been very busy with family matters. Kind Regards