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  1. Hi, jpinhas. I have bad news. :-( Yesterday I wrote question to civil-zz, who is author of ELMConfig and he answered me, that no way how to repair our problem at current moment. He doesn´t know, if it will be posible in some future release of ElmConfig, because he doesn´t know why such effect appears. Did you upgrade FW to 0509 after first access to 3th page of Configuration/HEC or before it? I still have FW 0508 now, so I don´t know, if I should try upgrade to FW 0509. Do you think, that it would help me? Thanks.
  2. To: jpinhas Hi. Have you solved your problem with instant consumption? I have similar problem, so I would welcome assistance with it. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your answer. Yes, I tried it but unfortunately without positive result. :-(
  4. May I have a question? In ELMConfig in HEC module and Procedures section there is a 'RESET MODULE' buton. What does the Reset module procedure exactly do? I have a problem with refreshing immediate consumption value on my display (Focus Mk2.5 (2010)). It refreshs one time per a 3-5 second and earlier it was approximately two times per second. Do you think, that this procedure could help me? I tried to disconnect battery, but it didn't help.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Jarda :)