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  1. Front Fog Lights Swap On 2005/6 Focus Tdci

    I decided to get the black sprayed with the silver. Front Fogs, Spoiler, door trims and rear bumper. Very pleased with it
  2. My Focus

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    From the album My Focus

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    From the album My Focus

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    From the album My Focus

  6. Car is now back - Apparantly they reused the Stretch Bolts - which is a no no. They put new ones on and now I only hear a small clunk when reversing - I can live with that. Good to have my car back :-)
  7. Front Fog Lights Swap On 2005/6 Focus Tdci

    Just the bits I mentioned. I like some of the black - not all.
  8. Mk1 1.8 Tdci V Mk2 1.8 Tdci - (Tappits)

    Thanks IINexusll They say that the engine mounts have been checked - no fault found. I'll look at getting teh Valves done. I can't imagine it being expensive ( ? )
  9. Hi. Im curious... I own a 55 plate 1.8tdci, and its currently in the garage having a problem looked at. The garage gave me a mk1 03 plate 1.8tdci and the engine ( Its done 180k) is soooo quiet compared to mine. Mine makes a rattly / tappits noise - I say tappits, as its the sound I used to get when I had a Mk3 Escort back in the day, and I had to adjust them. I also heard another Focus Mk2 56 plate 1.8tdci the other day and it was quiet. So my question is are the 1.8tdci typically noisy or is it just a case that the tappits need adjusting? Anything i should be looking out for? Cheers Glenn PS: The reason mine is in the garage is that they are looking for the source of a knocking / clunking sound when going into reverse then into 1st and 2nd. Letting the clutch out normally gives the sound. Release VERY slowly and you dont hear it. I recently had Clutch, DMF and N/S Driveshaft replaced. Garage cant work it out. I think its still clutch / DMF / Gearbox related but they seem to think its in the N/S hub. Any ideas as I dont have faith anymore in teh garage.
  10. Focus 2005/ 1.8 Tdci Servicing - Info / Advice Needed

    Cleaned EGR. Big difference straight away. Serviced with new oil, filter, fuel and air filter. Goes like a rocket now :-)
  11. Tdci 1.8 & Wynns Egr Cleaner

    Yes. Did mine last week. Noticeable difference after.
  12. Well Flying Clutchman.....2 new driveshafts.....yes...2 near sides changed. Issue still there. They now suspect its in the wheel hub somewhere. Had car on ramp and you can hear noise as well as feel it through driveshaft when under ramp. Car going back in for hub strip down. So far not cost me anything as on warranty...which runs out on the 14th May....:-/
  13. Turns out that the knocking is the driveshaft caused by it being taken out of the gearbox once too often. Due to be replaced in the week.
  14. I also feel vibration in footwell
  15. Thanks for the responses. I'll mention these on Saturday