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  1. Digital Speedo?

    Any chance of a link to the company? I have an old version fiesta sport, not a new one (2007). Don't really like the new style version to be honest.
  2. Digital Speedo?

    Guys, Forgive me.... I am new, and not really an enthusiast, but I just love love love my fiesta Sport. Anyway.... to the question I have. I have googled, and looked around, but cant see any such thing as a digital speedo for the dashboard. Or anything that could be digitial. I am happy to have the whole dashboard display removed, as I quite fancy the idea of having a digitial readout for speedo and rev counter...... is this possible? Or am I just an old man trying to relive my youth?!!! LOL Thanks, if anyone can help, advise or tell me its not possible.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums 4thdesign :)