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  1. Has anyone else had a problem with trying to open up the fuel filer housing to change the filter?? I for the love of god cannot open it up and I'm applying lots of pressure to it. I gave up on it today in fear of destroying it! Surely it should not be this tight!?! I do have a feeling that ford dealer who did the services previously had the same issue too and left it! Don't really know what to do now other than change the whole housing, Any advice appreciated as always! :)
  2. 2.0 tdci 2007 non dpf and I seem to be getting a good 440 miles from a tank, more than double what I had in my mondeo v6 :) that is mostly driving around town and the odd run. I do tend to have a bit of a heavy right foot sometimes too...... Love my diesel!
  3. Pizza eaten. Too full to move...

  4. "Ya's are mental. See in 3 months when ur car sounds like a bag a bolts,dont say you werent warned. And i suppose mr information can buy your car since he knows so much. I told you what happens with that tuning box but you dont want to take advice. Oh and by the way,its not your injectors you hear. Ive done ALL this before on stronger cars than fords and they ALL end up fubar'd!! When are you guys gonna take good advice for christs sake." Christ man chill out! If its not the injectors what is it?
  5. That's good to know! Mine was just as it had started with no throttle, but mine also stopped after it had warmed up. Might connect it back up tomorrow now, cheers FOCA! :)
  6. Oh and it was very cold too -3 degrees...
  7. I'll be honest I took mine off my focus last week purely because of the extra noise the injectors made when started. Was worried about the extra load the injectors were under, now I don't know what to do for the best!! Try again or sell the box!
  8. Appear to have angered someone already! Great...

  9. Please nobody shoot me for this but have you considered a passat estate Matt? Good on fuel, big boot and from past experience very reliable. I always found it more suited to being an estate rather than the mondeo (hope that doesn't offend anyone!)
  10. I've always stuck to using Ford oil in my last four cars. It's not expensive and is good quality too. Quick look on eBay will find you 6 litres for about £25
  11. It will be interesting to see what it does on the focus, as its a PSA engine which is more or less the same as a HDi I'm led to believe? It'll be back on eBay if it starts to make it smoke like the mondeo. Its supposed to be a blend of performance and economy, and produce 165hp and 387 nm of torque. We shall see......
  12. The dtuk box I used on the mondeo made it smoke a fair bit under load. At the time I put it down to it having 170k miles on the clock ;)
  13. Thanks Clive!
  14. !Removed! headache :(