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  1. Mondeo Tdci 2.2 155 Titanium X - Issues

    mmm yeah could be, it`s on the works parking at the moment so in the morning i`m taking it off to a garage to be looked at, fingers crossed it`ll make it there! Spoke to the dealer, he`s happy to pay all costs but my worry is that if they get it sorted it`ll go again in another 2000-3000 miles, going by what i`ve read up on across the net, something along the lines of poss fuel system issues with steel fragments from a mis-manufacture of the fuel system. Injector issues where previous repairs have not been setup or coded properly. etc etc... Though apparently the 2.2 is not as much of a common faulter with this stuff but non the less it does suffer from them :( I`ll update my progress tomorrow :) Cheers,
  2. Hi, First post and here i am with an issue! Bought a 2007 2.2 155 ti x this morning, test drove well for 30 minutes, bought it and then drove from london to swindon. On entering swindon i suddenly lost power when pulling away. At first it was speradic but as i got closer to home it became worse. When pulling away i seem to loose power, the engine then pulses a bit and i hear a tapping sound whilst quite a bit of white smoke appears. When i got home i fired it up, same result but now to the point where it stalls very easily. I got 3 months warranty with the car and spoke to the dealer who said take it to a garage and he will pay any costs to get it fixed. Are we talking injector / fuel pump / expensive job here? Cheers,
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums SWFordChap :)