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  1. You're up near Aberdeen right? I'm in Dorset!
  2. I was just looking at golfs and passats...! I've had a few golfs so I feel totally happy buying second hand vw's.. Good call!
  3. I think I'll leave it! thanks for all your comments, it did seem a bit too good, high mileage had me worried I guess.. So I'm putting my budget up to £2500.. And hoping to find a sub-100k diesel preferably ghia from 2001 onwards... I reckon I'll find something, I'm in no rush. Just not sure where to look I guess, gumtree eBay etc seem a bit dodgy although I have had luck in the past buying £500 golfs and the like.. Is there a wanted section on this forum somewhere? So thanks a lot anyhow, been a big help..
  4. Hi I'm looking to sell my 1987 fiat panda and buy a mondeo estate. I'm a decorator and I've kids now so it seems to make sense.. I don't really like Mercs or BMW and volvo seem to be a bit unreliable nowadays.. So my mate has a mondeo estate ghia 2l diesel. I have seen a couple on eBay that might fit the bill but not being very experienced mechanically I thought I should ask for opinions from people who know.. This is the one I like the best. 2004 140k miles £1895 Is that high mileage for a ford? Anyone got any comments? Thanks Matt
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Mattboyd :)