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  1. C-Max Drl - How To

    Just wondering if anyone has fitted any of these cheap Drl,s i keep seeing on ebay and amazon, to c-max and if so, how easy is it or is there a guide on here?
  2. Bumper Seperation?

    Hi jeebowhite, any joy in fitting the sensors? Or at least, did you managed to get the black plastic trim bit off
  3. Hi All

    Not too sure yet, already hacked the dash to pieces and replace the poor bog standard head unit. Open to ideas and keep looking on here for inspiration.
  4. Hi All

    Hi all, just become the owner of a 2007 c-max. 2nd focus now and still not disapointed. The first being a cc , but after becoming a dad for the first time this year, thought it time to grow up but not too much, I've seen a few mods on here, I wouldn't mind trying.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums leebex :)