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  1. Fiesta Sport Van Lights Always On

    be@st; I've spoken to Ford inverness & they've finally told me they're DRL & can't be switched off! Seems pointless having an off switch AND auto headlights but there you have it! Mine was a demonstrator & had some extras fitted...... Good luck & enjoy the van; I'm happy with mine!
  2. Fiesta Sport Van Lights Always On

    Thanks Dah, I'll check. The issue I've got was just one of uncertainty really. I've checked Ford etis & can't see that they've been fitted as standard. The handbook doesn't mention daytime running lights so naturally I thought there was a fault with the switch or fuses etc. The dealership I bought it from was useless (Ford commercials, Dagenham) I've had another issue with them over supplying a locking wheel nut key that the salesman assured me was in the glovebox on handover; surprise! It wasn't there & now I've gotta wait for another to be made? Surely Ford must have spares available?
  3. Fiesta Sport Van Lights Always On

    Thanks for your reply big Dave, how do I check whether it's a pre-facelift or not please?
  4. Fiesta Sport Van Lights Always On

    I took the vehicle into my local Ford dealership, they said its fitted with daytime running lights. I can't find anything in the handbook about this; are they trying to fob me off & not fix a problem?
  5. Just bought a used Sport Van. The auto light switch works, however when I turn it to "off" the lights stay on......Am I doing something wrong? Also, does this model come with locking wheel nut key as standard? Mine is missing. Are Hankook tyres provided as standard? It's done 8K miles so I don't think the tyres would've been changed yet.... Cheers, any help appreciated!
  6. Sport Van

    Hi everyone, Collecting a 12 plate Fiesta Sport Van in black on Thursday from Dagenham Ford.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Geeza Dude :)