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  1. Anyone??
  2. Hi Guys Ive just noticed another problem with the car ive just purchased. The boot release on the remote and the button inside the car appear to do nothing. Is there a fuse somewhere for this that I can check first? I didnt get any manuals with the car apart from service book but is there a place to download the owners manual or anything? thanks again in advance. Colin
  3. Thanks, that seems alot to spend on top of the stereo, would it be a better option to just change the stereo for a single din one? Is this the option everyone else went for? thanks again Colin
  4. Hi Ive just purchased a 2nd hand Focus Ghia (Y Reg) which has a double din factory fitted 6000 CD Eon stereo. I want to change the stereo for a more modern stereo to work with mp3s and Ipod/iphone so visited Halfords and they got me to buy a JVC R400 along with a Ford to ISO loom with the extra part for stearing wheel controls. I went to fit the stereo and its slightly too big and was told that you need to file down parts of the dash to get it to fit, which I did but when the stereo was fitted it looks pants, the stereo is flat but the dash is rounded. Im hoping you guys would have changed the stereos and offer some advice. thanks Colin
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums technium :)