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  1. cool sounds good and cant wait to see it
  2. gutted too see the scratch fella but im sure you will soon have it back to looking great again. well done on the rear bumper and cant wait to see it fitted
  3. liking the look of the 5 door st fella and cant wait to see what you do to it
  4. loving the new pics of the car. what a job you have done to it
  5. liking the new wheels fella and love the colour change you done. looks a nice tidy c max you bought the mrs and your old wheels suite it well
  6. looking good so far and like the sound of the other plans
  7. cheers for that and I may do this to mine
  8. looking good fella and was the great gater hard to replace?
  9. looking good fella and cant go wrong with a few bits from paintmodz
  10. looking good and like the look of the fly eye from a distance but it puts me off close up when you can see the small holes in it.but love all the changes so far great job
  11. they will look great once fitted