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  1. thanks for all the help guys its much appreciated but think I will go with out D.R.L now as it seems a little bit of electrical knowledge is needed and I have not got any. thanks again for all the usefull help and pics
  2. that kit looks good mate but wanted too keep my gloss black plastic if I could. it sounds right up my street as I can defo do plug and play simples
  3. Hi all as title just looking on auto beams web site and came across the led/fog lights kit and just want to know if anybody has fitted them and if so how hard where they to do my self it says it comes with a splice connector so assuming that I would need to cut the original fog wires then use the splice connector to the cars wires crimp it up and away to go? here is the link for them It all sounds straight forward but I haven't any electrical skills. but I have managed to splice a focus st rear spoiler brake light
  4. wow what a difference the colour coded bumper has made and the splitter just finishes it off a treat. looks like the bumper has been painted by a pro from the pics fair play to you for doing it in your garden wish I had them skills. cant wait to see what you have planed for the fog holes in the bumper
  5. I am even more eager too see pics now sounds awesome and cant wait. don't forget
  6. here is a pic of what I have done to my engine bay its a 1.6 petrol engine not as wild or good as some show cars but bare in mind my car is also my every day runer hope it give you some idea
  7. sorry to hijack the thread but have you any night time pics please yunii?
  8. looking forward too seeing the pics bet the splitter has transformed the front end
  9. thanks for the positive comments guys its much appreciated. yes I like the gloss black and the colour of my car as it does go well together and makes it stand out form the norm
  10. nice car fella
  11. spill the beans what have you done then lol
  12. glad I made some bodys day ha ha
  13. cool that's good to know hope mine is the same will check with a hose pipe on the weekend if we haven't had rain by then