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  1. looking good and does look much better
  2. have bitten the bullet and have put my lights in too get tinted by a pro. wasn't really happy with the fly eye look up close. hopefully pick the lights up Thursday afternoon once I have them I will get some pics up for all too see
  3. looking good and I also like what you have done with the intake very nice mod
  4. looking good and cant beat a nice clean bum ha ha
  5. looks like you got a great fez there fella
  6. will look forward to seeing pics once the exhaust is sorted fella. de badged my focus rear and looks better for it
  7. quick update guys. have bitten the bullet and gone for a pair of side lights and ice white dipped beam bulbs. so once I recive them I will get them fitted asap and will post up my opinion as to weather or not they are worth the money
  8. looking good so far
  9. looking good with the flaps on fella and as you say just needs a exhaust to finish the rear now. I would just debadge and keep the rear clean and tidy
  10. liking the brows fella and I think the car pulls them off well
  11. yes all the lights where removed mate
  12. As title just want to know if there is any way of removing this to make the front indicator clear. Might have to look for a cheap set of head lights and see if I can take them apart if it is possible to remove the filter from them.