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  1. liking the vents they look good and what are the off as never seen any like that
  2. great mod you have done with the rear disc brakes fella ford should have done that from the factory
  3. great pics fella
  4. liking them fella and have you got a link for the seller you bought from please?
  5. the car is looking great fella and like the sound of the mods planed
  6. looking good and looks a nice tidy example
  7. cheers guys much appreciated
  8. will this a try this next week as you say could be the switch
  9. most likely my luck so if this is the case I will need a sparky to have a look for me
  10. As title is the engine bay fuse box cover on a mk3 focus the same size as the mk2. As iv have seen a nice cover but it just says its for the mk3 but to me looks like it will fit my mk2 cheers for any replys peeps
  11. looked at the fuse and it looks fine to me. when I press for the screen to come on the light on the switch does not come on and I don't hear a click sound like when you press for the rear one? I did take the full panel off to carbon wrap it so disconnected the switches so may be its some thing I have done but the rear still works defo was working before. I will lean not to mess about with things one day lol
  12. thanks for the helpful replys guys will take a look a the fuse first then go from there. will post up my findings later but hopefully it is only the fuse
  13. ok cheers for that. will check it tomorow
  14. As title so a little help needed if possible. does any body know what number the fuse is for the heated windscreen as I will look at that first.
  15. looking good and like the deflectors and the inlays