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  1. a link would be much appreciated mate. in the mean time I will have a search on e bay like you did and see what it comes up with I agree with not many modified vans about just the normal vw transporters. you are doing a great job on yours and cant wait to see what else you have planed for it.
  2. cheers for the link for the indicator bulbs mate its much appreciated and assume these just replace the original bulbs? assume with the brake light one of the pins will need filling down so they fit? as I said think I will have a look in castle combe over the weekend for some fly eye type mesh as it was a resnoble price and do my main rear lights and see what I think. will post back in this topic with pics so watch this space.
  3. i have one on mine and used it for a good year with no probs have since cleaned it and re oiled about 2 months ago and still have no probs so far. I am sure some one else will come along and comment soon
  4. looking good fella and love the halo fogs. where they hard to wire up and do you think these would fig into my focus bumper to replace the original fogs? might be a idea lol any chance of a link to where you bought them from please.
  5. thanks for all the replies and pics guys its much appreciated. @tango daz have you a link to the indicator and stop leb bulbs you bought please. @micro would only want a light tint to make the lights a little different from the normal rs lights. I am going to castle combe this Saturday for a car show and will look around for some fly eye like film as I got some the other week and done my fog/reverse lights and 3rd brake light with it so will have a go at the spare rear lights I have got see what I think
  6. As title please can you post up pics of focus mk2 facelift tinted rear lights. wheather they are tinted buy a film or spray tinted please can I see pics. did have a go myself but not too keen on the finish I got as not to cleaver using spray cans lol might pop into my local body shop and ask them if they can do it for me. if possible could you tell me how much it cost you. don't want to go to dark just a nice subtle smoked look.
  7. that sounds about right for the quote and the 600 notes you have saved you can put for other goodies
  8. As title have got a spoiler lip from Maxton design and it comes with 3m tape to secure it to the spoiler but want to know if any body else has fitted one and would I be better also using some kind of body work glue like tiger seal or put on extra 3 m tape as I don't want it coming off when I am going down a motor way to a show lol.
  9. look forward to seeing the pics with the new parts on fella. bet your itching to get it done. wish I had your painting skills would have saved me some money ha ha can do little things but not bumpers and spoliers.
  10. looking good fella and you need too get the rear bumper colour coded now too match. bet it gets some looks out on the road? look forward too seeing more update of the van when you receive more goodies for it
  11. thanks for all the help guys its much appreciated but think I will go with out D.R.L now as it seems a little bit of electrical knowledge is needed and I have not got any. thanks again for all the usefull help and pics
  12. that kit looks good mate but wanted too keep my gloss black plastic if I could. it sounds right up my street as I can defo do plug and play simples
  13. Hi all as title just looking on auto beams web site and came across the led/fog lights kit and just want to know if anybody has fitted them and if so how hard where they to do my self it says it comes with a splice connector so assuming that I would need to cut the original fog wires then use the splice connector to the cars wires crimp it up and away to go? here is the link for them It all sounds straight forward but I haven't any electrical skills. but I have managed to splice a focus st rear spoiler brake light
  14. wow what a difference the colour coded bumper has made and the splitter just finishes it off a treat. looks like the bumper has been painted by a pro from the pics fair play to you for doing it in your garden wish I had them skills. cant wait to see what you have planed for the fog holes in the bumper