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  1. liking the collection of parts willy the st is starting to take shape now. keep up the good work fella
  2. great news about the mat fella and glade you think it was worth the money this time
  3. as said to much blue leave as is
  4. looking better fella and now match your seats better
  5. I bet that suprizes a few people ha ha
  6. liking the deflectors
  7. wow that was a great price as you say you sold you st wheels for the same price so every one was a winner
  8. look forward to seeing the st trims fitted mate
  9. glad you haven't got to sell the car as you have put in a lot of hard work to get it looking like it is. good luck in the house/mortgage hunt.
  10. wow how your car has changes and for the better
  11. liking the new wheels and one day I may invest in a set of these
  12. looked a nasty rear end shunt fella but good to see it got sorted out and nobody was badly hurt
  13. loving the seats fella and look so much more comfy
  14. cnat wait to see the mods you have planed. what a great first car