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  1. looking good so far and like the tape on the chrome window surrounds
  2. looks a nice clean van and like the sound of the colour coding
  3. loving what you have done so far and like the sticker on the fuel flap
  4. look forward to the pics
  5. your car is looking great fella and that splitter is from Maxton design and for the normal focus front bumper with out the zs skirt fitted. I bought one after seeing lees car on here and would recommend it and go for the gloss black one and I also fitted it myself so im sure ony body could fit one ha ha
  6. looking good fella and like the tinted indicators in the mirrors nice touch
  7. looking very tidy fella
  8. nice looking focus and great colour when clean
  9. liking the sounds of the parts collection fella
  10. glad to you got the st back willy and liking the foot rest
  11. yea sorry cant help you with that as the red trim around the grill is crossie2709 (lee) car
  12. I dint fit the seats my self but watched the bloke change them for me and it toke him around 1 hour to do and looks straight forward. just undo the bolts holing the original seats in the car then refit with recaro seats. I would defo recommend doing it mate as the are a great upgrade and hold you in better