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  1. hi peeps not done any thing in a while but a quick update and will get some pics over the weekend. just bought front and rear recaro cloth seats got to pick them up on sunday. got a zetecs rear diffuser fitted and looks much better from the rear. I did get round to finishing the fog rings so they are now colour coded and as for the bonnet trim I just wrapped it in gloss black film I have also got a zetec s front lower grill in gloss back to. keep your eyes open on the weekend fro pics
  2. your Vectra looked lovely fella but the focus looks nicer ha ha
  3. liking the look of the kuga and look forward to the new project
  4. welcome back and love the new addictions you have got and like the looks of the pedal covers
  5. looking good and im sure an body shop garage should be able to fit you front splitter as I fitted one my self to my focus if I can do one any body can ha ha
  6. liking the look of the new wheels
  7. looks good so far and like the splitter
  8. liking the clear brake light fits in well now with the rear lights imo
  9. looking good and added a nice bit of colour to the bay
  10. will keep my eyes open fella and look forward to seeing what you do
  11. looking good with the spacers fitted
  12. sounding very good fella and like the way this is going
  13. looking good fella and cant wait to see the bits fitted the weekend