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  1. look forward to seeing pics of the exhaust
  2. looking good fella and like the look of the new wheel
  3. thanks for the comment and yes have got the cookie monster on there so your eyes are not telling you lies ha ha
  4. thet are going to look good on the car and cant wait to see the pics
  5. cheers for the comment. here are some full size pics of the focus also added tinted fog and revers lights but not sure if I will keep them yet may go back to the clear ones just thought it would tie the smoked look in. Have got a cree reverse/fog bulb in them but still does not really light up that well at night so any body know of any brighter bulbs I could try? Also had m,y exhaust changed from a 3inch single tail pipe to a duplex 4inch and glad I did as I think it finishes of the rear end a treat.
  6. pics of my tinted rear lights are now added to my project thread will get some better ones of the whole car hopefully over the weekend
  7. not done a up date in a while so here goes. had my rear lights tinted by a pro don't need before pics as im sure you all know what the rs rear lights look like hope the pics work ha ha and if they do will hopefully get some more of the whole car. am looking into having a pipe out from the other side of the zetec-s diffuser to even the rear end up as at the minute I have just got a single pipe so watch this space as will put up before and afters.
  8. the fez is looking spot on fella really like what you have done to it
  9. you have done a great job on the drums and calipers fella must get mine done at some point as it makes a big difference and as you say makes it look nice and fresh
  10. looking good. I got a set of head light bulbs from ceuk and they are great in the night light up the road signs a treat (note to self must try harder to sort out a new hosting site for my pics)
  11. liking the plate fella suits the car well. yunii I think the top one for you too
  12. the car is looking good on the lowering springs fella. you have got a nice bit of gloss front the panther black paint work. good job with the engine covers
  13. good luck with search mate. im sure the right car will come along but in the mean time just in joy the great looking car you got now
  14. its the first time I have had to queue for the toilet think the organizers need to sort out some bigger toilets for next year. I seemed to time it right getting in again as there wasn't much traffic for me.
  15. what a plank lol