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  1. looking good with the front and rear skirt
  2. looking good fella.i may have this done to mine next year. was the surround hard to get off and do I need any tools to do it?
  3. sorry to hear about the set back fella but as they say on wards and up wards
  4. have a link to where you got the blub from please cheers
  5. looking good and glad you had no probs fitting them for something so small it makes a big difference
  6. great result fella and fair play to the garage for paying out. at leat you have now got to the bottom of the problum
  7. i have the claimair deflectors and have not noticed any loss in vision what so ever never tries the hekos but have heard from mates that have had them and they have come off at motorway speeds but at the end of the day there are pros and cons with every thing.but I would get the claimair imo
  8. great find and look forward to seeing them fitted
  9. yes very easy once you know how to do it. just prize off your mirror housing with a flat blade screw driver with a cloth so it dosent scratch then prize out old indicator and push in new indicator you will hear a click then replace mirror housing and stand back to see your handy work hope that helps any probs give me a shout.
  10. looks a nice blank canvas you have there. welcome along to the forum hope you in joy your stay. im sure a few people will be along to help answer your questions very soon. look forward to seeing your up grades when you make them
  11. not good news then fella hope the bill is not to expensive and it gets sorted out
  12. i would go for the as pipe myself but the standard one looks good as well
  13. cheers cheers fella. yea the crystal repeaters are a after market parts they do mist up a little bit in winter but apart from that imo they are a good fit and make a difference. here is a link to where you can get them from http://www.car-mod-shop.co.uk/fo-foc-3100-ford-focus-mk3-2008-mondeo-mk4-2008-crystal-black-smoked-side-repeaters.html
  14. cheers for the heads up fella but think I will wait until next year but it does sound tempting. Looking good with the alloys on once you have the front and rear skirt it will give the whole car a great transformaction.