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  1. Fiesta Ghia X - Keeps Cutting Out

    The What??
  2. Fiesta Ghia X - Keeps Cutting Out

    Its not an injection as far as I know.
  3. Fiesta Ghia X - Keeps Cutting Out

    Shes a P reg so its a 96 if my memory serves me correctly.
  4. Fiesta Ghia X - Keeps Cutting Out

    Any Ideas??
  5. Hi All its my first post here. Can you help me with a problem? I have owned my flash Ghia X Now for just over a year or so, and have been experiencing "Cutting Out" or Stalling Problems, say for instance waiting at Traffic Lights you know that sort of nature it would have a habit of Cutting out or even if I'm slowing Down its driving me crazy. I took her to my local Garage who they its a very common problem for the Idle Speed Control Valve to go ippy, its had 2 New valves put on its not doing it as much now but she still ocationaly cuts out if you know what I mean! Apart from that shes goes like a Rocket! I hope you can help. Many thanks Rob