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  1. Any updates on your choice?
  2. Done a few little checks against the 1.6 and I'm pretty sure that it is 1.6 Ecoboost 150 ps model so should be a wicked drive :)
  3. Yea was going to say buy from a dealer, you got any links for these cars mate?
  4. Sorry misread the amount of millage it's done 37k does appear to be a bit high for a 2013 plate! Millage wise you should expect around 12k for each year of the age of the car, I'd allow a bit more for a diesel though! Are they dealer or private sales?
  5. I do around 10K a year (short journeys to work) but it gets a run some where or other every weekend and I went for my kuga in 2.0 TDCI which doesn't seem to be an issue (touching wood) based on your comments above I'd select the newest one personally if it's not much difference price!
  6. I personally would go for the newer one as it's still in manufacturer waranty, however if you don't need a diesel for milage go for the 1.0 Ecoboost turbo, had two mk 3 Focus' with this engine and both were beautiful cars and couldn't fault them! Great fun the drive, cheap road tax and a fairly good mpg! I wouldn't bother with the 1.6 petrol it's way to boaring to drive with rubbish mpg and expensive tax!
  7. Candy blue is a pearlescent paint and not just the standard metallic
  8. Keep the standard grey makes car look much better imo
  9. Yea that should be fine, you can also buy a specific cleaner from the likes of halfords
  10. Yea do EGR first then a good blast up motorway
  11. I'd also take it for a good hours drive
  12. Mot sure that was a fair comparison myself but if your happy then don't listen to me haha
  13. Complain to all saints you never know they may pay for a valet haha!
  14. Here's my old motor, I use to drive this about 7 years ago until the Mrs made me sell!
  15. Please name this dealer?