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  1. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Yes. I was told by my dealer that this is common for Fiesta. My car is also "affected".
  2. Confirmed. Totally agree. No issues on the last map, start/stop is working like a charm.
  3. Got an reply. They said that this sometimes occurs as a result of programming procedure and the start/stop feature should return after some time or I should manualy clear fault codes using bluefin "diagnostic" feature.
  4. Even if there are small errors, I still preffer superchips remap over any others because of its reusability - It can be rolled back, I can update it by myself etc. And overall it`s not that bad - errors are not that important and superchips is reparing them quickly :)
  5. That`s be honest :) I thought that it was only in my car ;) you sent them an email also? If yes, then we can have our problem escalated :)
  6. The new map is really good, different than other that I got - it is brilliant, so much power. But there is small issue with start/stop system - button is still indicating that is turned off, no matter if I push it or not. I had sent message to Superchips - so looking forward for new map. I replaced map to orginal one and there is no problem with the start/stop system - so it is definitely map issue.
  7. Got new map on monday. Before that I received map update maybe 2-3 weeks ago.
  8. As you said, they replyed to my email also and I downloaded new map. I did not have time to try, but from what I can see, there is really strong push on every gear, no power loss felling - but I have to make more tests.
  9. Fully agree. I have sent an email to them, will see what the reply will be.
  10. Fitted that "S" badge...but with screw - like ST is :)
  11. Ford Fiesta Facelift Armrest...longer Replacement?

    Any news on that? This looks sooo sexy: it cannot be fitted to a car that alredy have armrest....
  12. Myths and magic.. :-) Who knows, it is always a risk.
  13. I love this thread - as I can see that I`m not the only one :-) I`m also on winter tyres - so I count that if i put my summer 17"s it will stop doing that "TC" thing. Jordanch - you also noticed that after remap there is that "power loose" ? Thats good to be honest - it means that car is working perfectly well and this is not an issue, but "safety stuff"... :-)