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  1. I have a Focus Estate with Ford 6006e six cd changer. it won't play CDs. Keeps coming up with error code E4. No-one seems to know how to fix it. Everyone just guesses. I have tried various things including removal / dismantling the unit and cleaning the laser (cotton bud, distilled water and other mild cleaners etc.) but no luck. Otherwise the unit works fine ..... insert / eject CDs and radio all working OK. Anyone know exactly what this error code means and how to fix it? Thanks for any/all suggestions.
  2. RDS 6006 problem err 3

    Sorry. Double post.
  3. RDS 6006 problem err 3

    Hi Very late on this. Just joined. I think this relates to the cogs inside the unit wearing out and not turning/meshing correctly. You maybe get crunching or grinding sounds. Try removing the unit completely and taking the top cover off (neither are difficult if I can do it!), reinserting the two sets of cables at the rear and look if you can see what's actually physically happening when you try to eject/play. You may be able to "nudge" or encourage the unit to function so at least you can get your disks out. What you do after that I don't know. See if you can find the cogs that are failing. Can they be replaced? I don't know but I would doubt it, knowing Ford. Good luck. OJ