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  1. Hello all, I have been quoted £316 for a new three piece clutch fitted. Does this sound about right or should I shop around more? Cheers
  2. My air con has been getting less and less cold over the past month, so I thought it would be a simple job of recharging it. I bought a recharge kit from Halfords after reading good reviews and it saves me £30 over going to a garage. I followed the instructions, but it my air con was showing the correct pressure and said it was filled. Any ideas why it might not be as cold if the pressure is showing as correct? Cheers
  3. I'm not really up on all the lingo, so what does it mean when they say 'do you want the timing kit with that', is it necessary and should it add a lot more to the price. All confusing and my car is on 100k and I'm sweating on it not destroying my engine.
  4. Wow that's good! I've now been quoted £160 from another garage, which almost seems too cheap..... hmmm. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Hello, How much should I expect to pay for a new cam belt fitted for a Focus 01 1.8 LX? I've been quoted £269 but this seems excessive. It has 100k miles on it hence the new cam belt. I'm in the Nottingham area so if anyone can recommend somewhere to go to get the work done then that would be great. Cheers
  6. Thanks guys! Are there any pictures about to where the resistor goes? Also where will I find the 'shaft' for the fan? Cheers
  7. My internal fan after squealing for ages, now only works when it is on setting '4'! Any ideas?
  8. Cheers guys, sounds like it's the internal fan, it sounds like it's just in one of the vents. Really annoying, not sure how to get into the fans?
  9. My internal fan for the heating/air con has started squealing and it's driving me mad!! Does anybody know the likely cause and any solutions please? Cheers
  10. Don't smoke in your car, disgusting habit and not nice for the next owner...... simple ;-)
  11. Nice one, sounds like it's sorted, I'm not very good with my hands, but understand the theory, hence getting the garage to do it ;-). It cost me about £100 with the labour and the £70 part, so not too bad and better than the head gasket blown!!
  12. Sounds like the problem then. I got the whole housing and seals replaced, it was pretty rotten! It's not too much damage and better than head gasket problem ;-). Good luck
  13. I had a very similar problem, it turned out to be the thermostat housing, so there was no obvious leakage. It seems to be a common fault with the Focus according to the garage and it only cost just over £100 to replace. Be careful though, if you leave it too long, it could move to the head gasket.
  14. Isn't that just a description of MW in general, especially in cars? Every car I've owned has never had a good MW reception :-(
  15. Ah a good sign then, probably what the other guys say then.