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  1. Its worth double checking that it is the matrix before doing this as it turns out i was wrongly diagnosed with my car and its not very often the heater matrix really goes. mine turned out to be the rubber pipes in the engine bay where they connect to the matrix had split with catching on other components. saved me a lot of time.
  2. Mine was doing the same, it was a combination of the centre cubby box and speedo casing, for the speedo casing i got some black rubber edging strip off my kit car, removed the speedo cluster which just pulls off, edged it and put it back on, cured most of the noise.
  3. My gut instinct is its an electrical problem near the glow plug relay but could possibly be a fueling issue as it starts with a foot on the throttle and sounds a bit grumbly afterwards. Further inspection i think when i get a day off, groan!!
  4. Hi All, Noticed that my coolant kept dropping to the bottom of the expansion tank so took the car in and had the system pressure tested, mechanic says it looks like the heater matrix has a leak so i was planning on doing the work myself to avoid labour costs. Has anyone done this before, if so any tips how to or suggestions? Car is Fusion 2 TDCI. Thanks in advance Mike
  5. Hi Guys, Was this guide helpful in removing the matrix? i have a fusion tdci so am assuming its the same 'ish' process. Many thanks Mike
  6. Hi Guys, Just wondered if anything got sorted with this as my fusion tdci seems to do the same, turn the key it turns over then stops, only when the car has sat for a while. I've had it fault checked but no problems showed up, could it be a control box somewhere telling the car not to start. It is very weird. P.S new to the forum so hi everyone! Cheers Mike
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums ehstamper :)