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  1. I would actually like it a bit closer to the shifter. but it has those little rubber things that compress under weight and as soon as I lift my arm its pops up making a very annoying thump. but as for the full lock I can feel it on the steering wheel. My previous car did the same but that was with huge aftermarket wheels so didnt think anything of it
  2. mine does this as well, from the first day of delivery actually, I have another very annoying niggle, the arm rest pops up a little bit every time my arm lifts to change a gear, is this just mine? i was thinking of putting some sponge tape or whatever you call it to seal it a bit better.
  3. I've heard that the opposite of this i true? that if your tank isnt full the fuel sloshes around and creates more fumes that escape? this sounds like a lot of bs as im typing this though. ha
  4. The Waiting Game

    Im affraid you wont be seeing simmular fuel efficiency readings when you compare even the ecoboost to the diesel. how ever you are going to love the little engine, I've been driving mine a week and I've done about 500km with 7liters/100km and i really havnt been driving smoothly. I am taking it easy to runit in a bit but cant help myself from time to time :P the leather is also really nice, the titanium just has a luxury feel about it! as for the cruise control - at motorway speeds its great as this small engine has some grun even in 5th gear! You are going to love it
  5. Titanium Ecoboost

    Hey guys, Im quite excited about taking delivery either tomorow or Firday. A bit dissapointed in my local dealer lethargic service and lack of communication which makes me a bit worried about after sales enquiries and scheduled services. But I just have to keep in mind how much I enjoyed the test drive this little engine is amazing! the car went in for smash and grab on monday so I had a chance to take a pic or two. Must say I love the leather seats, didnt know what to expect but thay look brilliant with the white stiching and two tone leathers. Originally I wanted white because of te Zetec which we dont get here anyway but couldnt find one so whent with my next best choice. Really thought the silver is a bit bland but it look oke imo. More pics to follow
  6. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    haha that is a nice colour but i currently have black and had ao many troubles with scratches resprays, but when its clean its the best colour!! but im definately going for a light colour this time.. but i do feel these facelift fiestas look great in colour!! but considering all the factors white will be best for me =D
  7. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    damn you guys will wait the extra month then.. i have to agree the moondust is a bit too light i had a darker almost gunmetal silver car before which i loved but this is almost not shiney enough.. im getting the titanium btw.. as that is the top of the range in south africa and we have no zetecs ): but im adding te dress up kit cant wait
  8. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    hey guys i was wondering if anyone has the zs in moondust silver. im choosing between white or silver but the silver looks a bit bland? does anyone have on or can share some realword pics? the website colours arent really real world. reason im asking is because its another months wait if i insist on a white model. i also chose leather seats does anyone have pictures of that? thanks
  9. New 2013 Fiesta Zetec S

    You guys are making me so jelly, my financing has been approved and im getting the exact same as yours( titanium 4dr plus kit) with some other options as in South Africa the Titanium is the top of the range until the ST launches. Cant wait to sign for it, initialy thought is was too small and a 1.0 pfft until i took it for a test run. WOW that little 3 pot and the vroom you get is so much fun. sorry for the off topic post but cant contain my excitement. really hope the novelty doesnt wear off too quickly
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums neau :)