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  1. Just an update.. The new heater valve I had fitted packed in again after 1 month so it's been fixed again & I'm hoping this one holds out this time.. The one before basically melted & stopped working. I haven't heard the thudding sound as have no need for hot air on in this weather :)
  2. Just so you know my car has been rechecked by the garage & I have been told if the sounds carries on for more than a few weeks a new heater valve will be fitted. Thanks for your help!!
  3. I had the heater valve changed and I think he drained my anti freeze and put new stuff in.. I am at work at the momment but I will take a look when I am home at let you know. Thanks again!
  4. It doesn't increase when accelerating.. I'm going to try and run it back the 20 min journey to the garage after work. If I can't then I'll post a sound up. But thanks for your help!!
  5. Thanks. I thought it would be stupid to ask on here but worth a try.. It makes the thudding sound when stationary and continues when moving.
  6. Ive just had my car fixed for the Air con not working (yesterday) and today my car is making an awful thudding sound from under the bonnet. I am useless with cars and was wondering if anyone can advise me on what the problem is & if the car is even driveable?
  7. My air con system has been playing up this week. It only seems to be blowing out hot air even if the setting is on cool. Even with the Air con turned off the car still blows out hot air? I am having to drive with the windows down as it gets way to hot! I have checked the coolant and that is fine. The A/C does click in when turned on & off. I am not very good with cars... I am still driving round & hoping the car doesn't over heat or something as cant get fixed until after bank holiday Monday. Is this an expensive fix? PLEASE HELP!
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums KAZZA92 :)