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  1. Photoshop Please!

    Ah man it looks pretty nice! Thanks for that, i wish i could use photoshop! haha
  2. Photoshop Please!

    Watup! If someone could photoshop these alloys onto my car, and possibly lower it (if thats even possible) that would be awesome! Thanks!
  3. Hi! I've currently got a Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25, and im really interested in improving it's appearence! cant see the point bothering with the engine, i'l just one day own a zetec s :p I was wondering if anyone had a built in sat nav/dvd system installed? I've seen some online but wasn't sure and wanted people's opinions! Any pictures/advice would be awesome! Holla!
  4. My Fiesta Zetec 1.25 (Kpg)

    Hi Kiefer! Cars coming together pretty nicely! I've got the exact same car to you and i've been interested in improving it's appearence, but haven't been 100% where to start! so any help/advice would be awesome! :) did you purchase all your lights from the same place? i think i'l begin with the lightening (easiest bit) :p!
  5. Newbie To This!

    Hi all! My names Jack, I've followed these forums for a while and thought why not get involved.. so here i am! I currently own a MK7 ford fiesta zetec and loving it! Thanks! Holla! :)
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums ADudeNamedJack :)