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  1. Thanks mate will pop head under bumper when weather is a bit more warm and friendly......
  2. thanks Dezez if it has a bulb in it thats a good suggestion, first i have to figure how it comes out, the owners manual is just a stage up from useless, does it come out frontways or rearward ??
  3. Hi Guys I have just had to use my rear fogs since i purchased my car last year on returning from a journey i noticed the lefthand/nearside one was not lit reading on talkford forum it appears there was a change from Mk3 twin rear fogs to Mk3.5 single rear fog, if that is the case, is there any parts i can purchase to bring it back to twin rear fogs, it looks stupid with a red lens cover on thaf side if not working or in use, please advise if anybody has done this conversion and any part numbers used ??, best of the 2016 season to all fellow members huey45
  4. Typical Ford Customer Care stance, you ask the question they pass the buck will enquire at my local dealer what their policy is and costing, and throw it back to Ford UK for comments, we should all petition them as owners we buy their cars and !Removed! poor support after keeping them in jobs Anybody know how to setup a petition form on here see how many signs it ??
  5. Hi Guys I enquired of Ford UK when we might get OTA as mentioned on their site this is their reply... From: Keith Sent: 13 July 2015 02:09 AM To: Kcrc, U Subject: 2015 Ford Focus Software Over The Air Updates Dear Sir/Madam As a owner of two Ford Focus Mk3 and Mk3.5 could you please tell me when it is Ford UK intention for us to be able to do "system over the air updates", rather than having to go to local Ford dealerships and have it done at their sites when they deem to do it and a charge which they seem to pick out of telephone books, that way we can keep our software/firmware up to date when newer versions are brought out, like our American cousins in USA.. Also I am not alone being a Member of Ford Owners Forum, many of our members are like minded, and have suggested we put a petition in Ford UK being badly represented as owners in U.K, this problem needs to be addressed... Regards Keith Dear Keith Thank you for your email Your local Ford Dealership are best placed to assist you with your query, for a full list of our Dealerships in your area and the services they offer; please check the dealer locator on the home page of If you need to, please contact us further Kind regards Leeshan Martin Ford Customer Relationship Centre
  6. I managed to suss sat nav bit involved but I did this,select destination/address pressed town to get postcode pressed enter on abc to put in first two letters, pressed 123 to put in first two numbers pressed space twice, then back to abc to put in second set of letters, pressed >2 for searches found,, then select select to confirm destination, maybe if you try, could post a wiki on our forum for other members ? Regards huey45
  7. Hi Wilco Thank you for a speedy replay, looks like I am stuck with normal bulbs, as I dont fancy butchering my new car wiring just for the sake of led indicators, unless there is some plug and play ones that go at same speed and do not through up bulb out canbus errors...
  8. Hi Guys I have the above and want to fit some Cree Led Single Lens Indicator bulbs front and rear, but I dont want the hassle or cutting existing wiring harness to fit large power resistors into indicator circuit I came across this link, which advises standard flasher unit can be changed for LED type with or without buzzer warning.. . Now my problems after just having bout car last week, where to I find the flasher unit, to verify type and replace the Ford Manual that came with car is virtually useless for info, can anybody point out from experience where to look ? Thanks in advance for any assistance given..
  9. Rear View

  10. Front View

  11. Hi Guys Have searched all over to try and find what "Type/Specs" and quantity of oil I need to top up my 6 speed manual gearbox with, as I suspect it has a leak on it, with clunky changes There is nothing stated in owners manual that came with car or as to the location of filler and drain plugs, any help appreciated ?? Regards huey45/Keith
  12. Hi Guys Thanks to all of you for your helpful input on filter change now I will have no worries doing it !!!
  13. Hi Guys Im doing my first oil and filter change on above, as I dont want to wreck the engine at first startup, is there anything I can disconnect to stop injectors working while cranking to allow oil pressure to build up ?? and location if possible where to look etc.. Once pressure is only would re connect and normal start !! Thanks for any advice given huey45/Keith