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  1. I have just done the same thing, and got the same reply, how do we get updates from the Australian Ford Site ?
  2. Certainly nice looking motor, but I went with the Tit + Appearance pack as Im not a lover of multi spoke alloys and too much bother to clean, but rear privacy glass and day time running lights are nice, the jury is out on sync 3 as I havent seen any working examples to judge against my sync 2 8"
  3. That is correct i get the same caution when entering a speed sensitive area...!!!
  4. Hi Rondetto I have a Mk3.5 from last year, Im sure the audible warnings are in your Satnav from Home Screen, touch "Navigation" Menu Navigation Preferences Hazard Spot Warning Options Visual, Visual & Chimes,Off... I have mine on Visual & Chimes Hope that helps ? huey45
  5. HI Paul I have not had as many as fellow members but here are mine in alphabetical order... 1. Austin Cambridge A60 1600cc Blue 2. Austin Mini 1000 998cc - GCU 565F Almond Green 3. Austin Mini 848cc - Almond Green - 652 CPU 4. Citroen Ami 8 602cc Red 5. Citroen BX 17RD 1769cc White 6. Citroen GS Pallas 1222cc Blue 7. Citroen ZX 19 1905cc Blue N356 ORG 8. Ford Focus Titanium 1599cc Panther Black WH62 NHT 9. Ford Focus Titanium 1499cc Lunar Sky MK15 *** - 10. Ford Zephyr V6 2495cc Sea Foam Blue 11. Ford Zephyr/Zodiac 2262cc Fawn/Grey XTN 236 12. Renault Megane 1461cc Gun Metal Grey BP06 CAO 13. Renault Scenic 1461cc Black NL60 CDK 14. Triumph Toledo 1296cc Green 15. Vauxhall Viva 1159cc Deluxe Green 16. Vauxhall Viva 1599cc GT Red 17. VW Caravette 1192cc Orange/Cream huey45....
  6. Hi Bannko, what is this, "SYNC II - additional NAVI activation through licence" (for more info message me) please fill me in with details ? huey45

  7. Hi I fitted the triangular DRL's that I bought from a source in China, but as post above I did not take the whole bumper down on my 2012 Mk3 Focus 1.6 Titanium its a bit fiddly but I got my car front end up on ramps so I could get right under the triangle, and released the plastic clips one by one, whilst my friend outside the car pulled the triangles towards him, so they would not spring back in, so we did a joint effort, right corner yes, left corner yes, if you chose to take out on a warm day the plastic clips are not brittle, if you do it on a cold day you have a chance of breakages, what also helps a plastic type implement to put into front gaps to prise out, when guy underneath is releasing the clips one by one...I did both of mine in about 20mins and never broke into a sweat, have fun...
  8. Hi iNath

    Can you PM the pics from your guide for CD Player removal, I have a 2015 Focus

    and want to take my screen out to plug a camera in, to the input you suggest for a camera ??



  9. iNath i cannot view the attached jpgs to see what you have done, can you PM them to me ?? huey45
  10. Sorry iNath i missed quoted your name, huey45
  11. Thanks Guys for all the info supplied, I know you can have the Tit with a optional reverse camera surely that must plug into the standard display, to give reverse vision, I just dont have the camera on mine, but display must be the same ?, and the other question, how do you remove the display to see ??
  12. Hi Guys Im thinking of fitting a Wifi reverse camera to help with reversing my touring caravan the camera will be fitted obviously to reverse of van, with power for transmitter and camera taken from caravan reverse lights, the car will have the camera receiver fitted inside the car with power taken there the only thing im not sure about is the My Ford 8" touch screen is there a RCA type plug for a camera input ? and how do I remove the head unit to gain access to RCA socket the guide I found was for a 2012 model can anybody shed some light if this is doable, and how to gain access to camera input ? Regards huey45/Keith
  13. Hi Alex Brilliant guide, I will try tomorow, but I cannot get past "No need to sign up to the Ford India website, just download, extract to the root of a FAT32 formatted USB stick and away you go". I get onto the page but it only gives to options sign in or register !!, I would like to look for updates from time to time, have I missed something, im using your link to language pack 5 download at the moment, Regards huey45/Keith
  14. Hi Paul, long time since last chat, i need some assistance from you, im thinking of putting a wireless reverse camera into my caravan, so i can view my reversing in car, the kits i have seen on ebay come with camera transmitter, and a monitor receiver, now the crunch line, now do i get access to the back of my ford touch 8" display head to plug in the yellow rca video lead to view camera input, i cannot find a how to do, or wiki on the forum...2015 Ford Focus Facelift..

    regards Keith..