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  1. Done it myself mate :) Not hard to do.. there's a tutorial on here somewhere :-)
  2. My 2014 Zetec-S ;)
  3. It should only be hissing when accelerating and as soon as you let off the Gas (pshhhtt noise), if it's hissing while idling i'd be worried.
  4. Yeah Gun-Metal/Anthracite. No should still be fine because the springs themselves are stiffer & Eibach's are Ford approved.. I doubt they would scrape.
  5. I would strongly advise against lowering your car 50mm on OEM Dampers.. The shocks would be battered in a year or so and would need replacing. Eibach do a Pro-Kit, which lowers the car 30/35mm, It'd be less stress on the dampers & they're black so Ford might not even notice come your service. Car sits nicely once settled and ride is Firmer but has a more connected feel to the road. Example of 30/35mm:
  6. As long as you/or your partners name is the first and only name on the logbook (V5) documents it's fine (Assuming the vehicle is brand new). Alot of people don't know about this. -if it's not brand new.. make sure the finance company arn't the registered keepers. they shouldn't be due to address/insurance purposes and so on.
  7. HID's produce a bright flash for about half a second before they dim down to warm up again to their natural colour temperature. It could work. but it seems a lot of effort for little gain. where exactly are you installing the H1's?
  8. Yes mate. Red footwell lights are yellowish/white from the factory. but the cupholder ones are red.
  9. Just a red light around the inside of the cup holders and the footwell lighting (Yellow/White standard)
  10. From the album 13' Fiesta Zetec-S

    © Bede

  11. From the album 13' Fiesta Zetec-S

    © Bede

  12. From the album 13' Fiesta Zetec-S

    © Bede

  13. From the album 13' Fiesta Zetec-S

    © Bede

  14. Thanks, Rang the dealership earlier and the guy dealing with my order isn't in as it's bank holiday. The woman who i spoke to seems to think the car IS definitely built but not in Dagenham yet for reasons she could not give me. also couldn't provide me with a VIN, Registration or an Arrival date. dont think there's anything else I can as of now. Just hope the car was built on the 'estimated production date' so it's on time.