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  1. You're not dead unless you're cold and dead! :)
  2. That's fresh enough to warrant an attempt at CPR :)
  3. Its well know that Probbies or PCSO's automatically become our property to do with as we wish with the sarg's blessing
  4. Yes, we are the blokes keeping them from a warm cuppa and a box of doughnuts, boy are they happy to see us :) I've spent many an early hour taking the p out of met probbies much to the amusement of their seniors
  5. Looks just like the one on my ID card lol
  6. As grim as they come lol
  7. I used to be a TV Video Technician until progress and radio Rentals made me redundant, I now work for a Funeral company and can be seen flitting around SE and SW London driving the Coroners ambulance doing some collecting :)
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Hearsepilot :)

    1. Hearsepilot


      Many thanks for having me:)