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  1. Hello

    Thanks guys :)
  2. Hello

    Thanks guys i have posted 1 of my problems in tge fiesta section if any1 could help thanks :)
  3. Help Possible Air Leak

    It was fine wen came out the garrage and its deffo not the air box only started a few days ago its like a hissing sound that changes when i fiddle with the fuel in line any help plz guys?
  4. Help Possible Air Leak

    Hello guys just after some tips/ advise on my car problem so i noticed the car started to idle a little lower than it did wen i first got it and has lost power also so i popped the hood to have a look and noticed a slight air sucking sound on the right hand side of the engine so took tge filter off to have a good look and i can not find any split pipes or anything but i am quite sure it is cuming from the fuel pipe that goes in the top of the fuel filter because wen i move it or press it down the sound changes i had the car fully serviced a few week ago and it was fine b4 and after he also checked all the pipes he said it has only started in the las few days any help advise or things to check would be great thanks guys
  5. Ther is also a video on youtube of how to remove i will try and find the link
  6. Hello

    Hi guys im a newbie just joined and finding my way around the forum :) i have a54 plate mk6 fiesta with a problem or two so hope use can help and hope this is posted in the rite place thanks.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Phil666 :)