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  1. Folding wing mirror?

    Even an auto folding mirror will fold back with a good firm shove. 
  2. Engine Not Turning Over

    Alternator &/or battery. Both tend to take a hiding in the winter, & that can be enough to finish them off.
  3. Snowflake On Dashbord

    Orange 'snowflake' comes on at 4 degrees C
  4. Light Issues

    Get the headlight alignment checked out at an MOT equipped garage.
  5. Lowering Zetec S Mk7

    i paid £180 to have springs fitted & tracking done at Mountune......but a local garage would probably do it for around £120. (It's around 3 hours labour & the tracking needs to be done after its lowered).
  6. Full Throttle Wiggle

    There's a world of difference between 'tram lining' & 'swerving across the road'.
  7. Merry Christmas

    Clever.....& a happy Christmas to you.
  8. Help

    Could be a loose auxiliary belt.
  9. What Is This Led?

    Could it be something to do with the top speed when 'my key' is used?
  10. Seeing as you can pick up an ST for about £9000, how's that work?
  11. Fuel Consumptoion

    David73 ''The specific gravity of petrol has a legally permitted variation of +/-4%. Petrol is not actually octane (C8) but a blend of C3 to C15 so it is a product of natural and refining variations. But the calorific value remains constant by weight and the ECU maintains mass flow to the engine by adjusting the volume flow. The problem is that consumer measurements are done by volume''. That cleared that up 😗
  12. Zx Ambient Lighting

    Yes it is.
  13. Zx Ambient Lighting

    The 'separate part' on the right is the LED for illuminating the little cubbyhole in front of the gear lever.
  14. Zx Ambient Lighting

    Stick your phone behind there & film around the area. Play back the footage & try to see it.
  15. Zx Ambient Lighting

    It's something like this, in the top left hand corner behind the glovebox recess. It's pushed into a lug, so needs pulling off before it can be ysed.