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  1. Happy Birthday Rocket rankin!

  2. Hi all, i have an 11 plate fiesta metal and im thinking about putting in a usb as my car only has the aux part. Trouble is i cant see my module to check it. Ive seen videos of where it should be on standard fiestas but it seems to be in a different place in mine? Any ideas?
  3. I have a 1.3 fiesta finesse which has been done up as an st replica. I love the car but i am desperate for a bit more power but cant afford a faster car atm. Was thinking of getting a remap done but dont know if it would make much of a diffrence? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. did u ever have any luck with this mate, looking to do the same.
  5. ok cheers mate
  6. Where did u get the bumper mate
  7. any good places to get bumpers. planning on doing the same thing
  8. Yeah looks great. Thanks again
  9. cheers mate. Was it a tricky job converting the windows? Not got much experience with these kind of things, looking to learn lol
  10. Thats exactly what i meant mate, cheers. Did see the black angel eye ones for around 100 on ebay so might give that a try. Much appreciated
  11. Wheres a good place to get headlights at a good price? Was looking at ebay but dont really trust it.
  12. Hi all, i have a 2003 finesse and was wondering if someone could instruct me on how to remove the door panel. The previous owner put st doors on it with electric window buttons but its still manual windows so im curious to have see if i would be able to fit motors etc to get the windows elecrtic? Thanks