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  1. Couple of links
  2. I guess if it's not broke then don't fix it. I'm happy with the changes they've made :), and as above it still has to fit in with the ford family. Will be interesting to see one in the flesh, and how much more upgraded the interior quality is
  3. Really like the look of the st line in that video!
  4. Spoke to my local dealer and they said they'll be taking orders on the fiesta ready for the new reg in September, so looks like a 9 month wait :(
  5. I tend to prefer the more enclosed feel of the 3 door. But a 5 door with privacy glass I could be persuaded. Have to stand on the door sills to reach the roof! How small are you aha
  6. I just read an article on car buyer and they did mention the st so looks like it is happening, just when. I was hoping the new fiesta would be out for the new reg in March but it looks like it may be more June time
  7. So it's not a "night and day" difference then That ST 200 is a lovely colour but £20k plus is a massive price and no wonder you can pick one up quite easy even though they'll made 400 Personally I don't think there is much of a difference if any, if no one told you you probably wouldn't even realise
  8. Hopefully they are standard these days as I really wish I had them on my ZS rather than the boring DRL's before they decided to make the LED's standard They are not the best looking DRL's around though on that picture and don't fully shape the lights (some might like that) I think Seat on their Leon and Audi do nice DRL's which I can't help but admire and take a second glance in my rear view when I see one and always know the identity of the car from along way back The Leon and Audi drl's do look nice I know what you mean. I hope the new drl's are slightly whiter like the Leon and Audi, even the new Corsa as the current ones have an ever so slight yellow tint to them. Plus then it will be easier to match them to uograded bulbs ;)
  9. Ive had a 2015 and currently got a 2016 st and they are both stiff! Once you're up to speed they handle great, but I do find around town and with passengers the ride to be a bit firm. You feel almost all the holes and bumps in the road. The power and recaros do help against the cons
  10. Think I'll let the queue die down for the new st like I did this time. Then will be less of a wait as I hate waiting haha
  11. Ive got an st at the moment but if I like the st line in the flesh and the price is right on privilege I'll make the change. Then see about another st in the future maybe. Might be some good deals going on current stock so you might be in luck mate
  12. I'm liking the st line and I think that looks pretty sporty, so I reckon they could make the ST a beast!
  13. anyone know when they'll be available ?
  14. Hopefully they've sorted security out aswell!
  15. The st line acctually looks a fair amount different from the normal fiestas this time around. Interior looks pretty good. Kind of wish the screen was build into the dash more, say like the a3 or 1 series