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  1. Possible Change Of Car

    Sounds like you'll have the St bug again then aha
  2. Possible Change Of Car

    I was thinking that aha
  3. Possible Change Of Car

    I've had the 125 Zs which was fun but nothing compared to my St. Only reason I thought of going back to a zs was more colour options and less worry of it getting stolen. Although touch wood my area is pretty good for car safety. Didn't know how much more grunt the 140 had/felt compared to the 125 version? Do think I'll miss the seats, noise and that right pedal of the St if I changed though
  4. Possible Change Of Car

    Yeah like answered bellow it's a scheme that entitles people to discounts off fords through work (jaguar used to be owned by for but still get the discount) .. Sometimes there's an extra cost..basically ive got the car for two years but can change it after nine months
  5. Possible Change Of Car

    Yeah I do think I'd miss the St to be honest.. Nope I love the St, only looking to change due to being on the privilege scheme so can swap it after 9 months, nothing wrong with the car
  6. Possible Change Of Car

    Don't fancy the cost or the attention it would get to be fair aha
  7. Possible Change Of Car

    Well next month I'm popping into my local dealers to see how much it will be to change my st, after having it for 9months on the privilege scheme. If it costs a lot more a month or a bigger deposit I probably won't bother. If I do swap it im unsure whether to have another spirit blue st, Or change for a panther black or red one? Or do I do a crazy thing and get the Zetec s with the 140 engine? :/ Any advice guys!?
  8. Tyre Dressing

    Thanks for the replies. I'll have a look on the website. I'll keep an eye for some of the poor boys gel, I know they're usually reasonably priced on things to
  9. Tyre Dressing

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone has a recommendations for a tyre dressing that actually lasts, and keeps the tyres looking good for more than 5 minutes!?
  10. Winter Clean!

    Sounds good! Yeah the weather has been pretty crap lately. Could just take it up to one of the hand car wash places but I'd rather do it myself and know it's done properly. One thing I've yet to find that lasts is tyre dressing?
  11. Lockwood Sill Plates

    A lot of people use them and havnt heard anything bad about them to be fair
  12. Lockwood Sill Plates

    I fitted some on my zetec s and they lasted well. Gave the car a nice finishing touch too
  13. Winter Clean!

    As my works car park is like a rally stage in the winter, gave the car a well needed clean today! Quite enjoyed it to be fair, just a shame to drive it now aha the clean = Iron x on the wheels Cyc snow foam Jet washed it off Two bucket and two Mit wash with chemical guys shampoo (can't remember the full name of it) Dried off with a drying towel. Then applied some chemical guys jet sealant to the paint. Oh and even used some autosol chrome polish on the exhaust tips ;) What are your winter wash / prep plans?
  14. Bad Day Dog Walking

    How fast was she reversing! Aha Glad you got it sorted though bud
  15. Fiesta Vs Polo Decision

    The car isn't actually that firm, or ive just gotten used to it. Plus the recaro seats are awesome! Out of the polo or the fiesta Id defo go for the fiesta. I'm sure if you went on a polo forum they would tell you to get the polo aha. You can also get the zetec s with the 138 (140) ecoboost engine aswell now, so may be another option as you will have more colours to choose from