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  1. Both in Essex which is well known for fords going missing! So glad I dont live there
  2. Currently got an st2 but having a go in the 140 st line next Saturday as my local dealer has got an event on. Ive had the 125 Zetec s in the past and it was a good car, different animal to the st but still fun. If I like the 140 I'm going to be swapping to one in December. Slightly softer ride and less likely to get stolen is what I'm after now
  3. Saw a st line today in the magnetic grey colour and it look pretty smart, I am tempted
  4. They are keyless start correct. I just prefer having to use a fob to lock and unlock the car. Push button start is cool but don't find it to much of a hardship using a key either aha..obd port move, fuse removal and disklok help with the safety. What prefer not having to do that though 🙈
  5. See having an st2 which I choose so it didn't have keyless entry. The seats I would miss though
  6. I kind of wish they didn't have the eco arrow popping up on the dash 😂🙈, I think to stay in the decent power around 3k is an ideal time to shift. Unless like you said for overtaking more revs are better. In the ST you don't have to drop it down the gears as much to accelerate. Glad to hear you find the 140 better. I saw a deep impact blue and a grey st line parked on someone's drives today and they both looked nice
  7. It's looking good for the future then aha poweeeeerrrrr!
  8. Climair of team heko are both good
  9. What engine variant is in the courtesy car? 125 or 140? I know there will be a difference between the zs and the st as there's 40bhp less. Just trying to weigh up the pros and cons for both :/
  10. Ive seen threads on your car willy and it looks nice mines on the privilege scheme I don't really plan on spending out for remaps etc as I'll end up giving the car back anyways. Could always change my mind on that though be fair £20 Road tax a year is naff all!
  11. The St ride isn't to bad, it can feel a bit hard on bumpy roads but the recaros are really nice seats. But as it is stiffer it handles like it's on rails. Feels so planted. Think they're meant to be out the first quarter/half of next year
  12. For me fuel cost isn't really the issue as I only do 16miles a day to work and back. More the fact that anytime I park it somewhere I always have the thought that one day I'll come back to it and it's not there. Touch wood haven't had a problem so far and always put my disklok on as a deterrent..the 140 is seeming to get good thoughts off of people
  13. Thanks for the reply! It's good to see you noticed a difference between the 125 and 140. I think I need to drive a 140. I know it will be slower than the st with softer suspension, longer gear throw etc but I may like it. Will have to see and if there's much price difference. If not I'll stick with my ST or get another one aha
  14. Yeah I didn't meant the badge design, the name is what annoys me lol. Zetec S doesn't really work now they've stopped with the Zetec engines, maybe EcoBoost S but that doesn't sound right lol. Even just 'Sport' would've been better than ST Line though imo. Yeah I guess they were trying to think of a different name, I don't mind st line but just sounds like the Audi s line..shame they have the eco sport so can't even use that
  15. Or long journeys 😂