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  1. Hello, i have just purchased a 61 plate focus 1.6tdci sport with 18mnts ford warranty left. the only thing i am worried about is it has got 39000 miles on it wiv full service history as an ex fleet car. Should i be worried about te mileage?
  2. Thanks Stoney, ive just picked it up today and its fantastic.
  3. Yer i think i will do that to keep on top of it for the warranty especially.
  4. Cheers guys, my mate is the manager at a local ford dealership so the services will be done there when required. Is it every 12 months?
  5. Thanks for the reply dan, a few ppl have said that but some have put dowt in my mind due to the milage. Its just had its major service aswell. Its paid for now so no going back anyway! Cheers