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  1. !!!help!!!! C Max Exhaust Manifold Broken/cracked...

    How am I supposed to fix a crack on the manifold mate? You're missing the point. I don't know how to fix it...
  2. !!!help!!!! C Max Exhaust Manifold Broken/cracked...

    Don't know where the damage is only that is it the exhaust manifold and I'm no mechanic (only if it's Lego...) . Just got it from a garage that asked for a very absurd price (over £800) for fixing it so now I'm checking prices to see what to do...
  3. Northants Meet????

    Don't know if it was a meet or not but 2 weeks ago on a Sunday, I saw a lot of Fords parked near Sixfields Tyres, in sixfields (next to Wickes and Matalan). Hope it helps...
  4. Hello, I've got a 04 reg Focus CMax (2.0 Diesel) with a broken/cracked Exhaust Manifold. Do you know of any places that I can fix it (good and cheap prices please...) In or around Northampton? Please do let me know as soon as possible as I've got 2 small children to get to and from school everyday... Thanks... Andre
  5. Northants And Surrounding Areas, Show Your Faces!

    Any life in this? where are all the ford owners from northants?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Quaresma_86 :)